SDR MK1.5 `Andrus`

Software Defined Radio -SDR MK1.5`Andrus`!

Second version of the popular SDR receiver has built-in 10/100base Ethernet adapter, which allows using up to 400kHz IF bandwidth over the network. New design also includes new more powerful processor, now enabling to use full capacity of the radio circuitry making it up to 10 times more powerful.
By using compatible SDR  software, it is now possible to see a 400kHz wide chunk of radio spectrum at once, given the software supports it. Complete list of compatible free SDR software is listed in Specifications.
SDR MK1.5 Andrus is implementing existing industry standard protocols of RFSpace. Radio has NetSDR for networking support and SDR-IQ for serial communication implemented, but it does not identify itself as RFSpace radio (for a very good reason that this would violate their rights!), therefore it may not be compatible with RFspace software. 

Another improvement over the previous version is internal clocking system, what is now all synchronous with the output sample rate. Thanks to this approach, there is significantly less noise on the received signal once it reaches your computer and this is well visible (or absent thereof) on the SDR software screen!
The SDR MK1.5 ‘Andrus’ is a fully digital design with two identical RF frontends which can be used simultaneously, so one channel can be used for monitoring, while another one can be used for scanning around the band. The presence of two channels also enables combining the two signals, so in urban areas it is possible to use the second channel for noise cancelling! This feature makes the MK1.5 a unique design as there is currently no other amateur/consumer SDR radios available what would allow that!

schematics diagram of SDR MK1.5 ‘Andrus’