About Satrian


From December onwards Andrus started to build his team. This was to make his business more reliable and customer friendly as developing and production are rather time consuming activities.

Andrus called Ivo to join him. He met Ivo few years back trough their mutual friends and he shared the same passion for technology and electronics. Together they decided to hire Berit Sirotkin to run their daily business smoother.

Now Satrian is a team of three, creating, producing and selling world class Software Defined Radios, with each member contributing their best qualities to Satrian.

Ivo Remmelg, born in Tallinn, 11th of January 1970:
interested into technology development and telecommunications.
Ivo has all the skills a startup company like us need -  11 years of
management and strategic planning experience in Telecoms company,
experiences in successful startups, acquisitions, mergers and sell-offs,
 experience in EU R&D co-funding and leading the R&D activities.
Ivo is also CEO of the large Telecoms Company in Estonia.
Besides the wonders of technology Ivo likes tennis, boating, travelling with his family, RC- models and F18 Catamaran Sailing.